Our Story

From the initial sketch through to hand-setting each and every gem, our dreamy jewels are crafted using the same techniques used in high-end jewellery. The end result is a piece that looks and feels astonishingly expensive and spellbindingly beautiful.


In a world filled with poorly made fast-fashion jewellery, we create keepsake pieces that celebrate enchanting design and exquisite craftsmansip, at a price you can afford. They're the pieces that become a wardrobe staple, that collect a compliment every time you wear them, and instantly make you feel more glamorous and confident.

The perfect keepsake to spoil yourself or gift to someone special. Every jewellery item comes perfectly packaged in our signature jewel box.

I create beautiful, dreamy jewels that women can both afford and treasure for a lifetime, not just a fast-fashion season. Because something magical happens when you wear an exceptional piece of jewellery; you instantly feel more glamorous and confident. You walk a little taller. You smile a little brighter.